Who we are

Who we are

GSC tours offers you a chance to explore all Egyptian sites and historical places
GSC tours offers you Egypt sightseeing tours, also provides Egypt day tours, excursion tours, all kinds of travel trips that are not just visits to antiques related to ancient Egypt

What we offer

we have a large set of recommended programs that matches all kinds of tours starting from cultural tours, religious tours, and holiday vacations.

GSc tours offers you the chance to request your desired tour program for your travel trip in Egypt

We offer you all kinds of facilities that help to make your travel trip in Egypt memorable and unforgettable

Tour Guide

you will find our team at your service to help you enjoy your dream travel trip with your friends and family, we provide as well trips and tours for couples to enjoy their honeymoon vacation, you can also explore our recommended Egypt packages which consists of various kinds of travel tours

GSC tours is a team of experts that work their best to match what you have in mind, when it comes to Egypt excursion tours and trips we have no limits we can design for you a creative plan for your travel excursion as desired for individuals or for large groups

The Power of Story

You get to explore ancient Egypt and know more about the civilization of pharaohs and get to know our heritage by trips and tours to Giza pyramids, sphinx, and wonderful temples along the Nile

Islamic Cairo & Coptic Cairo sightseeing, you can travel the desert by camel, cruise the Nile on a luxurious boat you can also enjoy our desert safari day trips.

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